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Abalone Topped Knobs, Blend Pot
I saw these abalone topped knobs on Stew Mac's web site for about $10.00 each. I also bought a blend pot to replace what used to be a three way selector switch. Under that knob I placed an indicator arrow that the orange painted set screw points to when the pot is centered and playing both pups. To hear this guitar in action, go check out my song called "Narcissist" on my channel at:

R. Tankar's Album: Gibson/Epiphone Spotlight Close Ups

DESCRIPTION : The guitar's full name is a 1988 Gibson/Epiphone Nouveau Spotlight. It is also known as the PRS lawsuit model. Very rare as far as guitars go, it still lacks collectability because no one famous ever played one. For this reason I had no qualms about fixing it up a little to make it a real player instead of the looker it was. Click on the pics for info about the features.