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    Motor City Rockers

    Local artists to promote their events, share stories of trying to make it in the "D", share music, etc., etc., and network amongst each other.
    led by Acquanetta Moore

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    neoclassical metal

    Neo-classical metal is a subgenre of heavy metal that is heavily influenced by classical music. It refers to very technical playing, consisting of elements borrowed from both classical and heavy metal music. Deep Purple pioneered the sub-genre with the...  more
    led by hamza hashmi

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    FM Cables

    FM Pro Silent and FM Pro Standard Series: a new line of high quality leads for professional musicians. Bass guitarist Ronnie Gray set up FM Cables in early 2012 building on his extensive experience working for a top cable manufacturer in the UK. As a...  more
    led by FMCables UK

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    Fat Boys Hollowbody Guitars

    All who love the big body jazz guitars as well as the es335, jazz guitars
    led by Michael Barr

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    All jazz and fusion guitar.
    led by SACRI DELFINO

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    B.C. Rich Guitars

    For those of you who choose the heaviest looking guitars around. All fans of B.C. Rich welcome
    led by Zack Grey

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    KISS Army!

    Any KISS fan out there can enter young and old! n_n
    led by Stacey Soul

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    I would like to start this group so guitar players can discuss what pedals they are using and promote pedal makers that build quality.
    led by Tim Calloway

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    Rock & Metal Fans

    A group created for people who not only like to shred along to bands like Pantera, Megadeth or Metallica but who also like to write & improvise their own riffs and solo's aswell.
    led by Phil Grundy