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    A place for low low prices , Quality instruments new and used
    led by Robbie Guitars

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    Four guys and myself. We play anything from Megadeth to Glam rock. We especially like to play Rainbow and Sabbath. My singer has an excellent voice and can do Dio pretty damn good. Of course he is not Dio...RIP Dio!!
    led by Jan Gimmi

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    Soundhole Siren

    For guitarists embracing and celebrating the simple allure and natural sounds of acoustic guitars.
    led by Timothy Merrill

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    Dime Fan's

    A place for all of us who admire(d) the work of the late Dimebag Darrell.

    Rest in Peace brother

    Dimebag Darrell Lance Abbott

    08-20-1966 - 12-08-2004
    led by Mike Marshall